E-book Violins in the Gym now available for our English readers!


Editor’s Note

The story of the success of the Leerorkest appears here in translation for our many friends and contacts at home and abroad who do not read Dutch. In this book the name of the Leerorkest project has been left in the original Dutch. It means ‘Learners’ Orchestra’.

As a contribution to the world of international music, this English-language edition is devoted to carrying our expertise and know-how well beyond national boundaries to stimulate further mutual exchange. The Leerorkest is part of an international movement to bring music education to children of diverse backgrounds, who would otherwise be unlikely to have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. What started on a small scale in the Bijlmer area of Amsterdam 12 years ago has grown into a force for change across the country.

Founder Marco de Souza took his inspiration for the Leerorkest from forerunners such as El Sistema in Venezuela and the classes of Roberta Guaspari in Harlem in New York City. In the pages that follow, you will find out more about his inspiring story, which is closely interwoven with that of his initiative, accompanied by beautiful photo portraits of some of our young musicians.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our professional translators, Joanna MacDaniel and her daughter Susanna MacDaniel, who volunteered their services to produce this English version. Thank you for producing this wonderful translation. We wish the reader a great deal of pleasure and look forward to hearing your stories!

To receive your English copy please send an e-mail to pr@leerorkest.nl

For further information in English please visit https://leerorkest.nl/en/home