English Introduction

The Leerorkest programme aims to provide instrumental music lessons for all children, especially those who would otherwise be unlikely to find their own way into music education.

Currently, approximately 5000 children in Amsterdam play a musical instrument in a Leerorkest orchestra, either in their primary school, high school or in one of the special orchestras for talented students. New projects based on the Leerorkest model have started up throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Leerorkest believes that music is of great importance to everyone’s basic development. Listening to and learning to play music brings harmony and structure into one’s life. Playing music together boosts self confidence, teaches cooperation and stimulates integration. A culturally rich society improves social cohesion, especially in a city or borough where ethnic diversity is higher. Often the children are accompanied by musicians from the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. Both organisations share the same mission and vision concerning the democratisation of (classical) music.

All children should have equal access to music education.

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